The slow points in most of my builds are the interior and the roofs.

I finished off my holiday roofing and have been doing a few strips of shingles every night.

First off I had to tidy the roofs up. There was a slight gap underneath and the roof was just rocking slightly.

Eaves gap

A bit of judicial trimming of the interior walls and clerestories helped. I then added strips of HO 2″ x 12″ wood painted white underneath the eaves. 45 degree corner cuts make it all neat. It adds a small extra big of depth which was all that was needed to cover the gap but also seats the roof exactly making it a much more robust fit.

Eaves under wood

You can see that the roof is not square with the wood. This is partly because the buildings are not quite square but this helps line everything up.

Squaring up the roof


I did the same for the brick extension but used scale 8″ for the outer strip.

Brick Extension

I cut eaves ends by measuring the two pieces of 2″ x 12″ wood.

Eaves ends

The instructions specify cutting a shape at the end. The pieces are so small that I just didn’t bother.


The trim is made up of pieces of 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″ and 1″ x 8″ pieces of wood glued together then cut to fit. I filed every corner smooth.


You can see the eaves ends in place.

Eaves ends

I also did the concrete extension even though I probably won’t use it. It will be a nice extra at some point.

Concrete extension

I glued some interior lights in place. It looks globby but you don’t see the ceiling.

Interior lights


This is the final roof interior. I do like it!

Brick extension

The Ware sections are roofed with tarpaper. Most mills seem to have flat roofs so it looks prototypical. The black paper comes with the kit and is cut into 3′ strips.


I used the glue tape. It’s like double sided tape without the tape and really easy to use.

Finished roof

Finished roof

Concrete extension

The kit comes with Campbell’s shingles. I have never used them and they just didn’t seem right for the building. I can imagine them as shingle shakes but not a slate or tile roof.

Kit shingles

I looked at my shingle stash. I have some beautiful shingles but only enough of one type.

Shingles stash

These are my favourite but I don’t have enough. I’ll probably use them on the brick building.

Brick building shingles

These are fish scale shingles. I can’t find a prototype photo but they are better than my other options.

Fish scale shingles

The roof is really complex.


It does take a long time!




Until it’s finally finished (on one side at least).

Finished roof

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