Further roof depth and the “L”

I wanted more depth to the colours so I added a wash of Tamiya Green Black diluted with water.

Tamiya Green Black

The roof is a bit too green but I like the depth I’m now getting.

Greener wash

Greener wash

I followed it up with a Mig Neutral wash.

Neutral wash

The ridge tiles have been bothering me. They are too even and a bit large. Hmmmm. I added dark lines and some colours with felt tip pens.

Ridge tiles

I wanted to add some mottling and lichen. I used Ash White Mig pigments with green, yellow and white Vallejo paints.

Lichen paints

I splodged it on a section and it was too stark (top right) and then used the neutral wash to tone it back down a bit (middle right).


Lichen roofs


Here’s what it looks like after the was. I did the whole roof. I do like it. It suits the building colours better.

Final roof

I’m letting it all dry so I moved it on to the “L”.

The "L"

There’s another dormer on the side.


The one end has no supports so there is a brace for the walls and the roof section. I wish I had read on to this because I’ve already added my own braces. I did find the walls shifted when I had the problems with the loose joint. My “L” is not square. Oops. I added the roof brace before I realised how wonky it was…

Roof brace

There’s a gap to the right of the front roof.


I put some cardboard in the gap and had to move the dormer gap to the right a bit too

Gap filled

I added some bracing at the other end of the building too because the roof is removable and I want to keep the roof angle. I eventually trimmed the internal brace so you can get roof on and off when the building is glued in place

Additional bracing

I put the standard 2″ x 12″ wood and trimmed the roof to match.


I added in the roof joist too. It acts as a mask of any gaps, phew.  Finally, I put a magnet under one corner to hold it down.