Nothing is straight (forward)

There are some evenings when nothing goes right!

I built all my buildings over the templates (square ones!). However, none of my buildings are quite straight (apart from the main building). I think I know why.

Ware was ok until I tried to fit the brick extension in. That caused the one side to be slightly longer. With hindsight, I should have either cut down the brick template or added a piece of wood shim on the other side to even it out.

The L was built over the canal walls and I swear it was square when I first glued it. There’s actually a square back brace but that isn’t mentioned until many pages after the walls are glued. I normally read on but had missed this. Because one side wasn’t braced the walls moved. I think when I glued it back I wasn’t as straight as I thought I was. ¬†Because the bottom isn’t level it makes it impossible to glue on the plan.

You can see how far out it is here when you see how I had to glue the canal walls which the L sits on.

Wonky walls

Finally, The dormer roof doesn’t quite cover the width of the dormer but I hope the trim will sort it out.

I left it setting with masking tape and a weight holding it down.

Masking and weights

On top of that I knocked over a glass of my painting water and my tacky glue decided to dribble watery glue everywhere (apparently it has condensated and it all ran out). At this point I went out! It seemed safest.

On the plus side, my diorama is coming together and I don’t think the slightly off walls will show. I won’t tell if you don’t!

Diorama view

Diorama part done