Basic interiors

I’m lighting my buildings so need some rough interiors. I expect my windows will be grubby so the mill equipment just needs to be the right size and shape.

At Christmas I bought two packs of Micro blocks for £2. They are cheap small lego knock offs.

Micro blocks

I made some basic blocks for the mill machinery.

Basic shapes

I primed then painted them green with a hobby spray paint I had knocking around. I then added some gubbins on top to make them more interesting.

Painted green

This is the ground floor:

Bottom floor

Ground floor

First floor:

First floor

And the top floor is just a few view blocks:

Top floor

It’s hard to take photos through the window:

View through the window

I need some knitting as it’s a knitting mill so I scrunched up some tissue.

Scrunched up tissue

I put it on a plastic bag and dripped water on it and scrunched more:

Scrunched tissue

My underfloor heating is excellent for drying stuff. I’m not totally sold as they are a bit large so the jury’s out still.

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  1. Did you know an Englishman invented Lego and, as usual with anything good, sold it to a foreigner. It has its uses, I use one block to hold the tea strainer on the static grass gadgets I make for friends out of Maplins electronic fly swats. Ron Gager

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