The link, final interiors and wiring

I’m clearing off the last few tasks on the structures. First up was to build the link as the last building before I assemble the structures.

It’s two wooden sides and a cardboard roof. I painted the laser cut walls with a Aged Wood Mig Wash, then put on rubber cement – Copydex, on the ridges before a slightly diluted coat of white Vallejo paint.

I peeled off the cement:

Peeled paint

Then used a Cold Grey Mig Wash on top. I weathered some areas with a darker Mig Wash and some AK interactive slime colours:

Link wall

Whilst I was at, I got organised and did the rest of the painted woodwork such as the covered stairs and porch canopy:

Painted woodwork

Painted woodwork

Finally I glued it in place. I left out the foundation stones that came with the kit out as my Ware knitters is lower than the brick building that the original plan joined onto:

Link in place

I changed how I am going to wire the diorama with only one set of straws now coming up under Ware:

Wires under Ware

I cut a groove to channel the wires through under the buildings. My hot foam knife made this easy:

Wiring channels

I soldered some connectors onto the wires and Ware’s roof as it is removable:

Wiring with connector plugs

The interior roof LEDs look cool:

Ware interior lights

I then glued all the remaining interiors in place. This is Ware:

Ware interior

Finally I got out my big bottle of white glue and stuck everything down!

Stuck down

Stuck down

For a bit of light relief I mixed up some lichen coloured paint:

Lichen coloured paint

Then used an airbrush to splatter the paint off a brush onto the roof. Jury’s out on whether it looks as good as just splodging it on. More practice is needed! More practice is needed! I’ve put another Mig wash on and will try again as I realise I forgot to put the pigments in.

Lichen covered roof

Lichen covered roof

I still have to do the lighting in the main building plus the flashing and valleys on the roofs. My decorator has taken over the kitchen and I have a lot on over the next few weeks so that’s it on the structures before the end of February.

3 thoughts on “The link, final interiors and wiring”

  1. Hi Kathy have followed from conception. All joins on buildings need filler because they look stuck on. and the last attempt a lichen color splatter with airbrush air look dreadful. Come on Kathy all your friends know your better than this, your a master
    builder.and the Lego type interiors are a NO! NO! Deepest regards Dave. love YA

  2. Worth adding that you hardly see the interiors once the diorama is on the layout. I don’t want empty rooms but I don’t want expensive detailed castings as they’ll never be seen.

    I’ve tried printing pictures of machinery (in my NEBISCO mills) but it’s not easy to find face on views of such large looms.

    What would you do instead?


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