Chinese Trains are a real experience!

Last October I went to China and was lucky enough to have two overnight train trips plus a ride on the bullet train. Numerous subways featured too. China was a great trip and I would really recommend a visit if you are looking for something a little different.

We started off in Beijing and caught an overnight sleeper to Xian where the terracotta warriors are based. As this is a predominantly train blog, I’ll limit my photos to the trains. The bunks are 3 high and I had the top one – I woke for every toot and turnout!

We then caught an overnight sleeper to Suzhou. Thankfully I had the bottom bunk this time and managed a good night’s sleep although my feet did stick out a bit into the corridor as I had my bag on the bunk too. We went for a wander up the whole train and it was full of somnolent chinese.

Overnight sleeper

We finally caught a a bullet train for the short hop to Shanghai.  It got over 300km/h.

Bullet train

We went on subways in Beijing and Shanghai plus trams and subways in Hong Kong. They were all ultra modern and very easy to use.


Some of the vehicles are so appealing!  It’s amazing that they get so much on such small vehicles. The wooden covers over the wheels are to stop the dogs weeing on the cars.  Apparently there are so many dogs that if one goes, they all go and it can cause real damage!

Beijing transport

2 thoughts on “Chinese Trains are a real experience!”

  1. Is the pollution still so bad as on my visit when one could not determine the colour of a car ten cars ahead? Do they still have to stack canned drinks upside down to prevent the airborn muck congealing around the sucked top? I wrote to Branson suggesting he put labelling upside down but got no reply.

    1. Ron.

      The smog is awful. We couldn’t see across Tiananeman Square. It hot better as we moved through the trip but even the Great Wall was hazy.

      I didn’t see the upside down cans though!


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