Day 2: Tucson to Yuma, Arizona

We started the day bright and early for a trip down to Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. It’s a two hour run and we got there for opening in time for our 10am bus tour around the AMARG Bone Yard – the home for old military planes.

Standing in line (American for queueing) there was a chance to get up and close to a couple of cacti:

Pima Cactus

Pima cactus up close

We took the bus tour and saw a real range of American military¬†planes. AMARG is an outdoor storage location which works really well in Arizona’s dry desert conditions.¬† The desert is so hard, they don’t need to put anything under the wheels!

AMARG Planes

AMARG Planes

This one is for Pete Magoun who used to fly Orions:

Orion plane

This was my favourite plane, the stealth one:

Stealth bomber

We had a quick wander around the Pima museum too:

Plane art

Pima plane

Pima plane

After that, we went to Ace Hardware which has an attached hobby shop. Yes, I did succumb to a few purchases.

We put a lot of miles on our car:


We arrived too late in Yuma to see much but we stopped by the prison and looked at the railroad bridge but didn’t see any trains.

Yuma Railroad Bridge

We stayed at the Coronado Motor Hotel that night and I’ve been practicing my photography:

Coronado, Yuma

Coronado, Yuma

I do love motels that do fancy thing with towels; I’ll limit myself to one photo – of swans made out of towels:

Motel swans

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Tucson to Yuma, Arizona”

  1. Kathy,

    Looks like you had a full day 2. And you even went to Ace Hardware! I’m impressed. So what did you buy? I’m still working on the article. Last night I was over to the RR park with a photographer taking more pictures of the layout. I had a senior moment this morning. I don’t recall putting a lot of trains in the pictures. That’s a cardinal sin!!!

    1. I often get distracted by scenery and forget the trains. It shows where my interest lies! I bought some etched metal non-railroad kits and some shingles. Not very exciting!

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