Cathartic Clear out

I have had a lot of different interests since starting modelling. I started off with the classic HO layout – the New Haven – in my 12′ square loft.

New camera

I got tempted by the joys of On30 with all of its glorious decay and larger size so you can model the extra detail. I ended up with 4 FremOn30 modules and more stock than I knew what to do with!

Hand Car Shed

I even veered off into scifi for a bit of fun.


All this was fun but also a little draining. I had so much to do and time just seems to disappear. As this is a hobby and I get more than enough stress in other part of my life, I decided I had to have a clear out, not only to save my sanity but also to free up some space and cash.

Looking across my stock, it was the On30 that had to go. My HO layout is fixed in my loft and I still have a long way to go with a lot of plans. It fits neatly in my house and I’m still happy to model it. My scifi is on dioramas and fits on my new bookshelves in the dining room.

My On30 however has no home and is always in the way. I have a lot of stock but no where to run it.

I took a couple of days to box it all up and work out a sale price with a dealer. There’s quite a pile:

The pile

It filled my car:


I’ve got another few weekends of DIY and I’ll be back on the modelling. I’ve really enjoyed having a break from modelling and I still managed to fit in a bit of sorting out my remaining few On30 models and putting them into my new bookshelves.

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  1. I hear that in the good old U.S. they pay professionals to come help them sort out their stuff and slim down their garages and homes. UK entrepreneurs get cracking.

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