How to clean dirty water

I thought I’d have a go at doing a video for a change on how to clean dirty water.  I have tonnes of water, in place and planned, on my layout and it got very dusty when my house was decorated earlier this year.

Here’s how I clean dirty water:

1. Hoover up the loose dust using a soft brush such as a blusher brush;

2. Clean the river etc with water.  I use a soft foam applicator and a small amount of water;

3. Wipe the wet river with a tissue.  I always wipe in the direction of the river so any streaks look natural with the water flow;

4. Give it all another brush to remove any final leaves or static grass;

5. Apply a coat of an acrylic gloss varnish, such as Future, and let it dry; and

6. Admire your new shiny water!

Do let me know if you have any different techniques.

4 thoughts on “How to clean dirty water”

  1. Crikey, Kathy TV, that could get quite addictive!
    Seriously, thanks for the water tips. At long last I have made a start on my own layout and its going to have water on it and it’ll get dusty as its in my work room.

    1. Thanks Paul
      Making a video was a whole heap of fun so I’m going to do a few more!
      Glad to hear that you’ve started on your layout and I’d love to see some photos.

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