Introduction to How to Model Water Course

How to Model Water – An Introduction

I will be starting a series on how to model water on your layouts and dioramas covering scales from N to 1/35 (or maybe larger). I will look at everything from puddles and ponds through rivers and streams up to weirs and waterfalls.

First up is a brief introduction looking at water in the real world with a whistle stop tour from the sea to puddles.

Next week will start with the thorny issue of scale and planning the dioramas.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to How to Model Water Course”

  1. Have no need at present but will be useful if I can fit in some water as I progress through the landscape. Thanks Kathy

  2. I am looking forward to your series. Your previous video on cleaning water was very helpful, because my layout suffers from that same problem. I thought I was doing it wrong, but it turns out I just need to clean it from time to time!
    – Peter.
    (Houston, Texas)

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