How to model puddles with resin

How to model puddles with resin

Following on from last week’s video on modelling a 1/35 scale puddle with easily available materials, we are looking at how to model puddles with resin.  A lot of people don’t like to use resin but this is an easy introduction to using the material.

Tools and Materials

All of these materials are commonly available in either a DIY store or art shop. Online shops will also carry them.

  • Plastic Cup – anything disposable to mix the resin in
  • Stirrer – wooden coffee stirrers are ideal
  • Epoxy Resin such as Envirotex Lite or Magic Water – all available online or at hobby stores like EDM Models.
  • Acrylic or enamel mud coloured paint – I used Vallejo acrylics but I have also used Floquil.  Neither seemed to affect the resin setting in the quantity used.
  • Model leaves – I got these from Model Scene ( and they are pure beauty.  They have a range of scales and types of laser cut leaves.  Not for use everywhere but one or two in key places are superb.
  • Camomile tea leaves – just what it says on the tin – leaves out of a camomile tea bag!

Paul Martin from EDM Models ( kindly donated the Magic Water to me so please do check out his website.  He is a stockist in the UK who also carries Sculptamold.

Envirotex Lite
Envirotex Lite
Magic Water
Magic Water
Camomile Tea
Camomile Tea Leaves
Model Scene Leaves
Model Scene Leaves


00:26 Tools and Materials
00:59 Method
10:57 Final Result
11:44 Scale Kathys
12:46 Close

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