How to model N scale puddles

How to model N scale puddles

This is the last in our four part series on how to model puddles.  This week we are looking at N scale puddles. These techniques mirror those in part 1: how to model puddles using easily available materials and if you haven’t seen it then it would be worth checking out first.

Tools and Materials

All of these materials are commonly available in either a DIY store or art shop. Online shops will also carry them.

  • Tile Grout – brown or beige colour – easily obtainable from any DIY store in a huge variety of colours.
  • White Glue – I’ve used various brands and now just fill up my bottles with cheap PVA from the DIY shop.
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) & Water – I buy mine online in bulk 5 litre bottles then I decant it for ease into smaller bottles.
  • Gloss Varnish – I use Vallejo in this episode because it is easy to drip but you can use any acrylic gloss varnish
  • Gloss Medium – a thick gel used by artists.  Available online or in shops such as Hobbycraft.
  • Satin Varnish – I use Vallejo but any matt or satin acrylic varnish would do.
gloss products
Gloss products
Gloss medium
Gloss medium
Gloss varnish
Gloss varnish


00:22 Tools and Materials
00:48 Method
04:45 Final Result
05:11 Scale Kathys
06:47 Close

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