So What Happens at an NMRA National Convention???

So What Happens at an NMRA National Convention???

Have you been to a Regional Convention in the US or to a Railway Exhibition in the UK and wondered how a large National Convention may differ?

This year I attended the Portland, Oregon, NMRA National Convention.  It had over 1600 registrants (attendees) from all over the world with over 3o each from Australia and the UK.

There was the normal mix of layout, prototype and general interest tours with countless clinics, the contest, silent auction and loads more.  I met old friends, made new ones and had a great time.

The video is just a selection of what I got up to and everyone’s trip will be different.

If anyone is unsure whether to go or not, I highly recommend the convention to anyone interested in trains, modelling or just a trip to a different part of the world.


00:03  Welcome to an NMRA National Convention
00:53 Layout Tours
05:02 Prototype Tours
10:07 General Interest Tours
10:35 Clinics
10:57 Modelling with the Masters
12:14 Celebration of Modelling
14:39 Special Interest Group Room
15:54 Silent Auction
16:15 Eating Out
16:48 Out and About in Portland
18:07 So Why Don’t You Join Us?

If you are interested in finding out more then check out


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  1. Kathy, I sorry I couldn’t make it to the convention this year! I really want to thank you for the capsule view of the goings on, very enjoyable.

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