Envirotex Lite 5 years on

Envirotex Lite 5 years on

Having laid your sea, river or stream there’s always the worry of what will it look like years later… This look at Envirotex Lite 5 years later may help.

My biggest problems were visible almost immediately – bubbles – where the Envirotex Lite emitted a gas into my setting gloss medium.  Not a great look on an ocean!

Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on
Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on
Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on
Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on
Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on
Envirotex Lite 5 yrs on

This video looks at what happened to the Envirotex Lite over the following 5 years.  It also includes a couple of test pours by Gerry Leone which show what can happen to your resin over time.  You can find out more about Gerry’s Bona Vista Railroad on his website.

Do let us know your experiences with resin over the years in the comments below.


00:00 On location in the loft
01:40 Bubbles
03:00 Discolouration
03:37 River
04:42 Gerry’s test
06:31 Mini Kathys
08:18 Close

The whole modelling water course series can be found by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Envirotex Lite 5 years on”

  1. Kathy, all the best for the holidays! I wish you a Very Merry Healthy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
    I have two questions,
    – What type of paint did you mix into the Envirotex?
    – Did you use an open flame plumbing torch to help get rid of the bubble?
    The artist’s gel is great for hiding a multitude of imperfections.
    Ralph Renzetti

    1. Thanks Ralph
      Happy Christmas to you too and I hope Santa brings you some modelling goodies!

      I have used a wide range of paints over the years but in this case it was Vallejo, 70903, a blue grey.

      I just breathed on the Envirotex to get rid of bubbles but to be honest, there weren’t many there (as I remember). The bubbles are actually trapped in the gloss medium I put on after I did the Envirotex layers.

      It’s weird and I presume it’s because I put it on very quickly afterwards.

      I’ve never had them stay as deep as last week’s episode and breathing has always worked for me in the past.

      Do you find the torch works well?

      Thank goodness for gloss gel! Modelling is quite often an exercise in hiding imperfections!

      Best wishes


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