Statfold Barn Open Day – April 2016

Statfold Barn Open Day – April 2016

This week is a little different.  I went to a private railway on Saturday for the Statfold Barn Open Day.  It was magic!  There was so much steam going on that I just had to share it.  Every few minutes a train when flying past and they didn’t stop all day.  The roundhouse was open with even more examples of unusual narrow gauge engines.  I even had a go on a velocipede!

You can find out more about the railway on their website and you can find out more about velocipedes here.


Here’s what I looked like after the day – very dirty from all that smoke – my hair was black when you touched it!

Face full of smuts!
Face full of smuts!

6 thoughts on “Statfold Barn Open Day – April 2016”

  1. I love that “face full of smuts” photo. It just embodies the joy of steam – well done for posting and also providing me with Statfold as new destination for my steam bucket list!

  2. Loved it! I was especially intrigued by all the unusual equipment they have. The consists had 2 engines back to back at the front and one at the back pushing. Is this because they’re no too powerful?

    1. Rod

      I thought it was more to show off as many locos as possible. I think the back ones were just there for the ride as the trip reversed the train direction each time.


  3. It’s rather odd that a big operation is not open to the public except on special days? Rather like a church only open on Sundays?! lol!

    By the way, you took some incredible photos of a place I’d never heard of. I live in Tennessee, USA now but I grew up in Luton so I know Tamworth quite well – or did! Thanks for your posts, as a model railroader myself, I love getting every one!

    1. Thanks Rod

      It’s one man’s private railway so I guess he doesn’t want to open as a permanent attraction which would take it to a whole new level. He raises about £10,000 a year for charity from the open days and enjoys showing his collection off but it is his hobby.


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