How to Model Culverts

How to Model Culverts

This is the first in a short series of videos showing how to produce a mini diorama and in this case I’ve chosen to model culverts.

The Real World

Culverts are all over the place.  Railways always drained their rights of way well so they are frequently found along the areas we model.  However, they are often seen in cities and towns where streams are diverted under buildings or just generally where man has intervened in the landscape.

These photos are all from an afternoon walk in my local park showing the variety of culverts in only a small area.


Base – black foam core by Westfoam
Culverts – Woodland Scenics Concrete N C1162 or Concrete HO C1262
Pipe – plumbing fitting – copper elbow joint – one side 15mm, one side wide to allow 15mm into it
Paint – Halfords black car paint, Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints
Glue – Deluxe Materials speed epoxy, white PVA glue


00:50 The Real World
01:17 Method
24:30 Final Result
25:00 Mini Kathys
26:30 Close

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