How to Model Culverts – the Diorama base

How to Model Culverts – the Diorama base

This week we are continuing our series using culverts to show off some basic scenery techniques.  This video shows the first stage in the diorama base, the underlying landscape layer.  I have used blue foam and tile grout in previous videos:

Bases Feature Photo
How to model a diorama base
How to model ground cover
How to model ground cover

It looks like it’s not Mil-scale Kathy’s first encounter with sticky grout!


The materials used this week are readily available from hobby and DIY shops:

Plaster Cloth – most hobby stores and many online retailers sell this for art and modelling
Grout – tile grout comes in a variety of colours including beiges and browns
IPA – Isopropyl Alcohol. I bought a litre online from Amazon but many places sell it. I use 99.9% IPA diluted about 1/3 IPA, 2/3 water.
Glue – any PVA or white glue will do. Dilute with water – around 1/5 glue to 4/5 water but it can be thicker or thinner to taste.


00:08 Method
13:15 Final Result
13:35 Mini Kathys
15:01 Close

The whole modelling water series can be found by clicking here.

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