How to Model Culvert Grilles

How to Model Culvert Grilles

Culvert grilles are put over the pipe entrances and exits to stop debris or people/animals entering the culverts. They easily accumulate bits of rubbish and branches and so make interesting little models.  There are many different designs of grille but this one was in my local park – a mine of modelling scenery inspiration in a very small suburban space!

In this video, we make a culvert grille from scratch using basic styrene strip and fully detail it.  The debris is represented by easily available yet effective chamomile tea leaves.  Water is a mix of epoxy resin and acrylic gloss medium.

The Real World

Culvert Grille
Culvert Grille
Culvert Grille
Culvert Grille
Culvert Grille
Culvert Grille from above
Culvert Grille
Large Culvert Grille


  • Styrene strip –  0.01″ x 0.06″ or 0.25mm x 1.5mm rectangular strip
  • Styrene square section (you could use round if you have it but I didn’t) – 0.02″ or 0.5mm
  • Plastic Magic glue by Deluxe Materials
  • Chamomile tea leaves for the debris
  • All the usuals – paint, acrylic gloss medium and epoxy resin


00:08 The Real World
00:56 Method
17:45 Final Result
18:29 Mini Kathys
20:34 Close

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