How to make cheap eBay Trees look Good

How to make cheap eBay Trees look Good

We all get caught up with those eBay purchases hoping we can find something really good at a bargain price… unfortunately, that’s often not possible.

If you have a large layout then trees can be daunting and expensive. If you are lucky enough to have a local natural source of a realistic looking plant then you can use that as a base. If you do not then bought sea moss or other products soon mount up. I have a relatively small layout (12′ square but double deck) but I model New England. That means trees! The upper deck is predominantly trees which means I need a lot.

To try to foliate my hill sides relatively reasonably, I have trawled eBay looking for cheap trees. I have often purchased bulk packs only to be really disappointed at the colour and finish when the package arrives a few weeks later.

This video shows how to take cheap eBay trees and make them look good quickly, cheaply and easily. Most hillsides have a mass of trees meaning that the trees themselves become merged together and a series of crowns rather than distinct trees. This helps in hiding some of the really unsightly areas on cheap trees – the trunks.

The Final Result

The raw trees
The raw trees
The finished result
The finished result
A part completed hillside
A part completed hillside


  • Woodland Scenics T1349 Blended Turf, green blend
  • Spray Glue
  • Cheap eBay trees
  • Noch leaves (07140/2/4)
  • Plenty of newspaper and a container for the leaves


00:00 Method
09:41 Final Result
10:09 Mini Kathys
12:35 Close

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