How to Model Road Markings

How to Model Road Markings

Most roads have road markings but it is fascinating to see how they vary from country to country and through the years.  The age of the road markings has a huge impact with new ones bright and fresh but older ones, patchier and sometime hardly there at all. They are easy to add to your model road but first, check out photos of the time and area you are modelling.

The road I am doing is set in the 50s and when I google “1950s road new york” and look at the images, I get a very different scene to if I look at the same area today on Google street view.  We certainly have a lot more lines and stripes now!

From NYC Municipal Archives

From Google Street View

Minor roads in any era generally don’t have markings though so don’t get too carried away unless you are near a junction.

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The Real World

Road Markings
Road Markings
Desert Road
Desert Road
Road Crossing
Road Crossing
Cracked Road
Cracked Road



  • Woodland Scenics Road Striping Pen – White C1291
  • Woodland Scenics Road Striping Pen – Yellow C1292
  • Woodland Scenics Road Stripe Remover C1293
  • Woodland Scenics Flexi Edge C1294


00:11 The Real World
00:47 Method
06:57 Final Result
07:24 Mini Kathys
08:16 Close

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  1. Jack Trollope (Shortliner)

    Kathy – Uni POSDCA pens are available in UK, if you haven’t come across them, in various colours including yellow and white, and work well for fine road-markings – may be worth doing a search on ebay or Google/Bing. Hope it helps

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