1st day of Christmas: Martin Welberg

On the first day of Christmas… I decided to talk about 12 people or things that have inspired me this year.

The first is Martin Welberg whom I met at Warley this year.  He gave me some great advice on airbrushing and his layout, Mara Harbor, was a real inspiration.

You can see a forum posting on its build here:


Here are some photos from Warley:

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  1. Merry Christmas to you Kathy, and I agree wholeheartedly that Martin is an inspiration to any model railroader. I have known Martin for more then a few years now and whenever we meet he is always telling and teaching people how he does his scenery , structures etc. On our forum we call him the grassmaster , but we might as well call him the treemaster , weatheringmaster or another half dozen of “trades” in our hobby.

    I look forward to whom your next 11 days of Christmas might bring .

  2. Merry Christmas Kathy. Thanks for all your wonderful posts over the past year. Martin’s work is breathtaking. I want to ne a “Mini Rod” and walk around all those buildings and scenery!

  3. A Very Merry Christmas Kathy! 🎅🌲🍻🍺❤
    Ed’s right. It does remind me a lot of Tröels’ work. I can assume that it’s Narrow Gauge, even On30! Beautiful!

  4. Merry Christmas Kathy from the West Coast of Canada (and we are having a White Christmas in Nanaimo). Enjoy your blog as it is a great source of information.

  5. A very merry Christmas to you Kathy from a wet and windy Lake District. I simply adore the modelling done by Martin for he has captured in miniature a slice of real life. I couldn’t make my mind up what scale Martin had chosen but when I scrolled down the photos and saw the individual shingles on a shed, I made my mind up it had to be 7mm scale narrow gauge, probably 0n30 and as I scrolled through the comments, I could seeI was was right in my thoughts. Do you know if Martin makes tutorials in the same way as you do them? I would love to see and listen to him describing his modelling techniques. Looking forward to your next posting. All the best for 2017 from myself in Cumbria, the wettest county in England.

    Tom Jenkins

    1. Hi Tom
      If you check out the railroad-line forums you will find a couple of threads Martin has written on how he does things. He does have a YouTube channel but I haven’t watched it.
      He’s more than happy to share and I know he does classes in his local area.
      Have a great new year.

  6. What wonderful structures and scenery. My new inspiration for my future! (Including, of course, Kathy, and John Allen).
    Happy New Year to all!

    Bill Bird
    Benton Dentid Ry Co
    Philadelphia PA

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