Ever been disappointed when you open the box…

I saw these amazing bonsai kits on HLJ so I ordered a couple.  I was thinking of perhaps using the trunks on my Halo Master Chief diorama.

Bonsai Kits from HLJ
Bonsai Kits from HLJ

The kits arrived yesterday and I was really keen as I ripped open the packaging:


Hmm, my Master Chief is 24cm high.  These are like, not.


That will teach me not to think that 1/12 of a small tree is, well, small.  Seriously though, I did think they’d be slightly bigger than this.  Now I need a full size bonsai kit…

8 thoughts on “Ever been disappointed when you open the box…”

  1. Stay away from bonsai. It moves even slower than a junk deisel from eBay.

    Your modeling work is prodigious and fabulous. Don’t get “sidetracked”.

    1. That tree is amazing. I just threw mine in the bin. Opportunity missed! Maybe we should put an advert out with our friends or local garden centres for dead bonsai… there seem to be enough people killing them.

  2. Hi Kathy

    I had a look at the HLJ website and noticed they didn’t give the actual dimensions of the tree, only the packaging. Very misleading especially the box showing an image marked real scale. All very well if one can handle the kit in a retail shop but no use for shopping on the web.

    I use a 23 inch monitor connected to my laptop docking system and images are much larger than on a small screen device. It has taught us to closely examine what we buy on the web. Thanks for pointing this out to us.

    I was curious about the foliage. It looks like static grass from the photos and that has given me an idea about putting pine needles on vintage Woodland Scenics’ white metal armature pine trees. Very dark static grass instead of clump foliage. I must give it a try sometime.



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