How to make Static Grass look Amazing

How to make Static Grass look Amazing

Static grass is now a really common scenery material but at Warley I saw a new product – the WWS layering spray – which changed the way I do my static grass.  It’s distributed under the Peco brand so you should be able to get hold of it anywhere. I’ve always followed the tried and tested method of putting down a layer of white glue, then using mostly Noch static grass and a Noch Grassmaster, put down a layer of grass. If you want to add another layer then you can try a spray glue, but the normal type leaves small balls of glue, or you can wipe on some more white glue. The WWS method starts with a basing glue which, unlike white glue, doesn’t skin over as fast. It then uses an acrylic layering spray which works like a dream. You can add more layers very easily which means you can get a real depth of finish.

WWS did send me some trial products such as the layering spray but I have since gone out and bought more of their product because I was so impressed.


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  1. Using the basing glue, apply a thin layer.
  2. Use 2mm basing grass to put down a thick base layer. There is no need to hoover the excess off.
  3. Spray on the layering spray.
  4. Use 4-6mm grass for another layer.
  5. Add more glue with the layering spray.
  6. Add 10-12mm grass sparingly.

The “Real” World


  • 00:53 Real World
  • 01:35 Method
  • 09:48 Final Result
  • 10:11 Mini Kathys

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13 thoughts on “How to make Static Grass look Amazing”

  1. Really loved this video and yes .. makes me want to purchase the products .. but also .. excellent videography!! Keep up the good work .. and now I am off to see if anyone stocks these products here in the US yet!

    1. Hi Edward

      Good luck in finding them. They’re not in Walthers yet but are still fairly new. They’re getting wide spread in the U.K. So I’m sure they’ll be with you soon.

      I wasn’t so keen on the video quality this month as I kept putting my head in the way for all the close ups. I need to work out my camera locations a little better.


  2. Thank you Kathy. Hope the glue and spray are available in the U,S, The applicator and static grass is available. I really like the layering possibilities that you showed. Nice work!
    Rob Morrison

  3. Kathy,
    Another thought, white glue thinned a bit with some liquid dish washing soap added might slow down the skinning over of the base layer of glue. On the Model railroading Hobbyist page someone suggested hair spray as the layering spray. When I get a bit of time I will try that idea.
    Thank you for all your great videos. I learn and enjoy.
    Rob Morrison

  4. I’m not a fan of hair spray. I just find it doesn’t stick well enough. I used it for trees once and ever since the ground foam has just slowly fallen off…

    The Basing glue goes a long way so I guess I have enough for my whole layout now. The washing up liquid might be worth trying though.

    Thanks for commenting


    1. Just had a thought. Amazing! Would spray adhesive work for the second step. #m makes one called “Super 77”. It should be stronger than hair spray.

    2. I’ve never got it to work well. I find those types of spray adhesive leave little balls of glue which remain tacky for ages. The grass tends not to stick upright for me.

      Hopefully you’ll have better luck though.


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