On Test: Which Static Grass is Best?

So which Static Grass is Best?

There are so many brands of static grass now. In this video I’m comparing two well known brands of grass with a relatively new brand that I’ve just discovered. The brands I’m looking at are:

  • Woodland Scenics
  • Noch
  • WWS/Peco


My favourite is the WWS range as it has different lengths and colours to suit the seasons and the layering spray. They gave a great range of dead grass colours. Noch is another great range with a variety of colours and lengths. They’re not labelled in absolute lengths but if you buy a few packets you can work them out. My least favourite is Woodland Scenics because the colours are more muted and just look sludgy but that may suit your scene.

WWS did send me some trial products such as the layering spray but I have since gone out and bought more of their product because I was so impressed.


  • 00:18 Comparison
  • 05:32 Conclusion
  • 07:19 Mini Kathys

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4 thoughts on “On Test: Which Static Grass is Best?”

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I have made best experiences with static grass by the German company MiniNatur (http://mininatur.de/silhouette_home.php?lang=en) when using just one sort of grass. But meanwhile I prefer to always use several kinds of flock from different brands (from all over Europe) with different lengths and colours, mixed in a coffee blender before putting into the flocking device. The hoovered excess is re-used for the next layer blended with different colours/lenghts, and so you get varied but yet harmonic fields of grass like in these photos: http://projekt-walburg.blogspot.de/2015/12/ausfahrt-ins-grune.html


    1. Wow, that’s some beautiful grass. You are a very gifted modeller!

      I do end up mixing grass too and I generally end up with a huge pile of hoovered up grass.

      I haven’t really tried MiniNatur but it looks like I’m going to have to.

      Thank you for sharing your exquisite modelling.


  2. Another great topic.
    You might check out Scenic Express products too, at sceneryexpress.com. They have a wide variety of grasses too.
    I’ve been using their super tree product and love it.

    1. Hi Peter

      You don’t see Scenic Express as much in the UK but I do enjoy picking up their products when I am in the US.

      I have some of their leaves to play with.


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