How to Revamp your Static Grass

How to Revamp your Static Grass

The trouble with modelling is that people keep on inventing newer and better products and you look at what you have already done and think, hmmm.  The good news with static grass is that in many instances you can just put another layer on top.  That’s what I am doing this week with my existing, dull and boring looking grass.  Now it looks rich and has depth! The method is very simple, just use layering spray and build up the layers again but there are a couple of tricks, such as adding clumps, which can bring your grass to life. WWS did send me some trial products such as the layering spray but I have since gone out and bought more of their product because I was so impressed.

The “Real” World

It thought this week that instead of the US or UK I’d go with something a little bit more exotic.  These are all from my trip to South Africa in 2013 for a friend’s wedding.  What a beautiful country and such amazing grass of all colours from dead to vivid green to grey.  Love it!


  • PSG-1 Peco Scene Pro Grass Micro Applicator
  • WWS or Peco Scene (they’re the same product) 2mm spring grass
  • 4mm summer grass
  • 6mm spring grass
  • Basing glue
  • Layering spray


  • 00:17 Real World
  • 00:57 Method
  • 06:44 Final Result
  • 07:17 Mini Kathys

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6 thoughts on “How to Revamp your Static Grass”

  1. Christoph Hauenstein

    Hello Kathy,
    my name is Christoph and I’m writing you with a little german accent…. but I live in the US. I enjoy your videos very much, especially the latest about revamping the static grass areas. I would like to try your method, however the Layering Spray appears to be hard to come by here in the US. The only similar thing to Layering Spray I can get is the Woodland Scenics “Scenic Cement”, which I have been using. I was wondering, have you used this as well in the past and if so, did you experience differences in the results, Peco versus Woodland?

    1. Hi Christoph

      Thanks for commenting.

      I haven’t used the Woodland Scenics cement but the layering spray is an aerosol spray which I suspect makes a huge difference to the fineness of the spray that come out.

      All I can really say is try a small test piece to see if it works for you.

      WWS have said that they are coming out with a shippable version of the layering spray for the US market.


  2. How often in the UK, or the USA for that matter, do you see bright green grass growing up to the edge of the rails, ie in the cess area? It does not seem real to me!

    1. Hi Pete

      It depends on the time of year. I’ve loads of photos of new grass growing very close to track areas. It depends on how heavily the track is used or weed sprayed.


  3. I love the pix from South Africa, especially the Zebras. There’s a Safari park near me (in Tennessee, USA) and I have this wonderful shot of a lovely Zebra, hoof deep in snow on a January day a few years ago. He didn’t seem to mind that the temperature was 30 or 40f below what his homeland was. Maybe he was thinking, “Dis don’t look like the Serengeti to me!”

    Thanks for all your posts, I look forward to them every week…

    1. Thanks Rodney

      It was a great trip and zebras are some of my favourites. We have a safari park next to a preserved railway and I always find it really incongruous to being rolling through the English countryside and come across elephants and rhinos!


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