How to Paint Static Grass to Change the Colour

How to Paint Static Grass to Change the Colour

Many years ago I planted some grass mats, painted them because I didn’t like the colour and then put on some Noch static grass around the edges.  Disastrous.  The colours didn’t tie.  This time I’m back to paint it again and this time get it right!

I used my airbrush and although you could probably dry brush grass, I’m not sure I’d want to do the volume that I have.

This time I’ve gone from this:

Mismatched grass
Mismatched grass

To this:

Final Result
Final Result


  • Airbrush – I have an Iwata Eclipse CS but anyone will do
  • Vallejo Intermediate Green
  • Vallejo Golden Olive
  • Vallejo Airbrush Thinner
  • Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver
  • Your base scenery to cover any overspray – I used tile grout.
  • Scenery fixer – in this instance I used water with 1/3 isopropyl alcohol to cut the surface tension


  • 00:14 Method
  • 10:37 Final Result
  • 11:20 Mini Kathys

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4 thoughts on “How to Paint Static Grass to Change the Colour”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Another great video, thank you for sharing.
    A small point, I notice you are using the Model Air paint rather than the just Air from Vallejo. I have always found the Model range ok for brush but always have problems even when thinning and using retarders. I understand the pigment size is different so I pretty much stick to the Air range with just a bit of thinning and no problems.
    Just a thought as its cured my spray it phobia!
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Tim,

      I do have some Model Air but I have a large number of normal Vallejo which is why I use it.

      I’m doing much better now I’ve bought the brand specific thinners etc.


  2. Dear Kathy, once again marvellous info!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a nice day and best regards from a small village in the middle of ‘the Netherlands ‘
    Cheers Wim.

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