How to Model Eroded Cobbles under Tarmac

How to Model Eroded Cobbles under Tarmac

Before roads were made from tarmac or asphalt, they were often cobbled, especially in older cities. If the tarmac wears away it can expose the cobbles underneath. I’ve seen this in a few places and wanted to replicate the look on my layout. I have a huge expanse of tarmac and want to ensure that it doesn’t get too boring.

The “Real” World


  • Daler Rowney Mount Board (Dove Grey).  It has to be a card which can be stripped away in layers.
  • Noch 3D Cobble Path – 57220  (there are loads of other different patterns so check out the full selection to see what suits you)
  • Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty


  • 00:22 Real World
  • 00:49 Method
  • 09:10 Final Result
  • 09:43 Mini Kathys

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