How to Model Tarmac using Grit

How to Model Tarmac using Grit

This week’s video uses a fine grit to provide the tarmac or asphalt texture. It’s easy to apply and can be sanded if you don’t quite get it right. It literally sands itself!

I would normally paint the 220 grit (which is slightly larger) as I find it has the odd sparkle that just looks a little unreal. The very fine 400 grit is probably ok without though and is really suited to those who don’t want to paint or N or Z scale modellers. If you don’t want to paint then consider a matt varnish. A video on how to paint it all will be up shortly just as soon as I finish painting!

The “Real” World


Grits and Scatters:

  • Silicon Carbide or Carborundum grit – 400 grade is very fine and good for N, 220 is great for HO.
  • Chinchilla Dust

Glue Mix:

  • Craft Acrylic – Payne’s Grey
  • Slow Drying Acrylic Medium (I used Windsor & Newton)
  • Water

About a third of each but thin enough that the paint mix self levels on a surface.



  • 00:17 Real World
  • 00:59 Method
  • 09:15 Final Result
  • 10:32 Mini Kathys

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