How to Model Tarmac using Rust-Oleum Textured Paint

How to Model Tarmac using Rust-Oleum

I was introduced to this by Ken Hamilton and I really have to thank him for this excellent method.  It is so easy!  It took me longer to cut out the card base than to do the painting.

These paints look amazing straight out of the can and could easily be used for brand new tarmac/asphalt with nothing else except a few white lines.

The “Real” World

This week we are looking at a new tarmac effect so much less worn and really shiny!


  • Rust-Oleum Textured Spray Paint – Aged Iron for Asphalt/Tarmac and Desert Bisque for Concrete
  • Daler Rowney Dove Grey Mount Board
  • Masking Tape – I use the blue painters’ tape or Frog tape depending on what is to hand.


  • 00:18 Real World
  • 00:52 Method
  • 10:01 Final Result
  • 10:38 Mini Kathys

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4 thoughts on “How to Model Tarmac using Rust-Oleum Textured Paint”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am new to your blog, videos, etc and am really enjoying your posts. You come up with some very interesting methods and results, many of which I am going to have to try on my layout. Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming. Looking forward to the next one! Dale in the US, specifically, Meridian, Idaho!!

  2. Kathy,
    I had wondered if this would work before. Actually, I had been thinking of textured wall paint, not spray, but spray textured makes more sense.

    While it would add another step or two, in N scale a person might first apply a light spray adhesive, blow dust it with a fine particulate to get the texture, then use a regular spray paint to add the color.

    I just noted that your link to this article on YouTube has a problem.
    The top one is what YouTube has as the link, the bottom one is the actual link.

    1. Hi Keith

      I think that any light coat of a spray texture could work. My only worry is that in N, is the texture going to be needed? A paint effect may be enough. It’s a hard one as it is not my scale.

      Thanks on the link, I’ve updated it.



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