How to Paint Tarmac

How to Paint Tarmac

We’re getting near the end of my series on tarmac/asphalt and now its time to paint tarmac!

I use a mix of brush paints and airbrushing to get the effect that I want followed by grout (in lieu of pigments) and some details such as cracks and water stains.

The “Real” World


  • Craft Acrylics – I used artists’ tube acrylics in Payne’s Grey and Buff Titanium by Daler Rowney.  Any brand will do.
  • Black surface primer by Vallejo – any airbrush black will do or alternatively you can brush paint.
  • Vallejo Thinner and Vallejo Flow Improver – if you are using different brand paints then use the appropriate thinner.
  • Tracks primer by AK Interactive
  • Grey surface primer by Vallejo
  • Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan (for cobbles)
  • Grey permanent fine pens – I used Spectrum Noir but Promarker or any other brand will do (for cracks)
  • Grey Unsanded Tile Grout (or sanded but strained through the end of an old pair of tights) or Pigments to add a dusty texture
  • Vallejo Satin Varnish

Airbrush Paint Mix

  • 30 drops paint
  • 20 drops thinner
  • 10 drops flow improver


  • 00:11 Real World
  • 01:13 Method
  • 15:32 Final Result
  • 16:23 Mini Kathys

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