How to Model Dock Bollards and Edges

How to Model Dock Bollards and Edges

Commercial docks or wharves often have barriers at the edges to prevent people accidentally falling off the edge.  They also have bollards for boats to tie up to.  It’s got to that point in my layout where I need to add those to my dock area and this video shows how I did it.

Dock Edge Plan
Dock Edge Plan


The “Real” World


  • 1/8″sq balsa wood strip
  • Northeastern Scale Lumber 0.02″ by 1/8″ wood strip
  • North West Shortline Chopper (optional)
  • Weathering Mix – 2 teaspoons black india ink in 1 pint of isopropyl alcohol (I use 99% but it’s not important what the strength is)
  • 0.01″ sheet styrene
  • Black/Brown primer suitable for styrene – I used a brown Kobra spray paint and black Halfords
  • Black and Burnt Umber artists’ acrylic paints
  • Mig (or any other brand) Rail Rust P238
  • White Metal Bar Bollards from Anglia Model Centre
  • Silver Sharpie
  • Dark Steel Pigment  – AK-086 – by AK Interactive
  • Super glue – Roket by Deluxe Materials
  • Tacky Glue (thick white glue) by Hobbycraft


  • 00:13 Real World
  • 00:55 Method
  • 19:28 Final Result
  • 20:22 Mini Kathys

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