8 thoughts on “Dock Final Pictures”

  1. Looks really good Kathy, with great attention to details. Inspirational.

  2. Hans Peter NOBEL

    WOW! Kathy, absolutely fantastic! Every time I think, i have climbed another step on my ladder to becoming a better modeler, somebody outpaces me. And I model in N scale, a bigger challenge!

  3. Wow Kathy – The dock and all the “trimmings” make such a believable scene. The pavement, the office building, the birds, the various bits of wood, the cargo, the rails and bollards, all come together to make a great scene.
    Nicely done,
    Rob Morrison

    1. Thanks Rob,

      The details do make a scene don’t they. It’s a relief to get such a central part of the layout mostly completed.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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