AK Interactive Weathering Set – Trains – Locomotive & Wagon

AK Interactive Weathering Set – Trains – Locomotive & Wagon

This week’s video is looking at a pack of three products from AK Interactive.  Are they worth it and how would you use them to weather?

If you are looking to get into weathering using military modelling techniques then this is a good starter pack.  It has three great products and can be used with little else to get an impressive result.

Washes are a great product for picking out moulded on details and adding a layer of grime, built up around those details.  I also use them to pick out panel lines etc.

Streaking grimes are thicker and will give great dirt effects on vertical sides.

Both types of products are enamels and easily manipulated once dry with white spirit.

The “Real” World


AK Interactive Weathering Set – Trains – Locomotive & Wagon – AK7000

  • AK7001 – Streaking Grime
  • AK7002 – Rust Streaks
  • AK7003 – Neutral Grey Wash

White Spirit


  • 00:14 Real World
  • 00:51 Method
  • 15:42 Final Result
  • 16:24 Mini Kathys

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2 thoughts on “AK Interactive Weathering Set – Trains – Locomotive & Wagon”

  1. Kathy, I’m glad to see someone other than myself using military products. I personally use both AK and Ammo with great success. When I suggest it at my clinics, people look at me as if I have two heads.
    Where I differ from you is I apply a light coat or two of Dulcoat 50/50 mix, then a white/grey wash of 10 percent paint and 90 percent thinner with an airbrush.
    I then give it a coat of Tamiya semi gloss before beginning with the AK/Ammo products.
    I finish with another light coat of Dulcoat.
    One thing that I stress to my students is to always work from a prototype photo, otherwise you stand the risk of overdoing it.
    Check out my Facebook Weathering page, ‘Weathering a Touch of Yesterday’. The SP loco at the head of the page was done for Joe Fugate and it was done very similar to your method.

    1. Cool Facebook page! I love the hover bus!

      I must admit that I didn’t do anything other than the AK products. Not so bad this week but really noticeable next week.

      When I’m weathering “properly” then I do far more steps.

      Why do you put the first coat of dulcote on before the paint? I understand using it if you want tooth for pigments etc.

      Thanks for the inspiration.


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