WWS Precision Pro Applicator Review

WWS Precision Pro Applicator Review

First up, I was sent this WWS Precision Pro Applicator to review so I didn’t buy it.  Now we’ve got that out of the way, what do I think of it?  I thought it was a great concept and fills a niche in the market.  I would never have thought of buying one but now, it’s certainly a tool I would use on my dioramas.

If you have a large layout with vast swathes of grass then this applicator is not meant for you.  Once you get to a larger size, you just spend too much time filling up the very small cup.  Instead, it is aimed at the diorama or games modeller who builds small detailed areas of grass.  It’s great for getting into nooks and crannies and for putting on small areas of grass.   Another plus side is that I found it gets much closer into buildings than a normal applicator.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t buy one if I was a large layout builder but if I was a diorama-only modeller, then this is a great tool for small patches of static grass.  It’s the same price as the much larger micro applicator from WWS so I would buy the size that suits the area you are modelling.

You can find the various WWS applicators on their website (http://www.war-world.co.uk) and more on their youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/warworldscenics).

The Real World


  • WWS Precision Pro Applicator
  • WWS 2mm spring grass
  • 4mm summer grass
  • 6mm spring grass
  • WWS Basing glue
  • WWS Layering spray


  • 00:15 Real World
  • 00:51 Method
  • 10:02 Final Result
  • 11:27 Mini Kathys

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