How To… Turn Scanncut Leaves into Plants

How To… Turn Scanncut Leaves into Plants

The first step is to cut your scanncut leaves using last week’s video to help: Brother Scanncut Vegetation.  If you are blog subscriber then you can sign in to get the leaf templates to cut your own.

Once you have your leaves, it’s a case of attaching them to stems and stalks and then assembling into plants. Simple!

There are so many different types of plants but in this video I go through tall plants, ferns, cheese plants and a few other types to boot.  In a few weeks time I’ll show you how I used these in my Halo jungle diorama.


  • Computer cut vegetation
  • Magnet or florists wire
  • Super glue (CA glue)
  • CA glue zapper such as Deluxe Materials Roket Blaster
  • White or PVA glue – I prefer the slightly thicker tacky glue
  • Vallejo Golden Olive
  • Vallejo Intermediate Green
  • Vallejo Thinner
  • Vallejo Flow Improver


  • 00:20 Method
  • 18:40 Final Result
  • 20:52 Mini Kathys

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