Further thoughts on Brother Scanncut paper

Brother Scanncut Leaves
Brother Scanncut Leaves

I’ve recently been experimenting with using the Brother Scanncut machine to cut out leaves. These are quite small and normal paper tears easily. I tried pastel paper which worked well as it is thin and strong but it has bumps. I tried the Luke Towan method with sticky back plastic but it’s a struggle to glue wires to and sticky back plastic is to be avoided at all costs!

Thankfully a large number of people have written in with suggestions so here are some I will be trying soon:


From Bill Gill:

  • Onion skin (sometimes called ‘airmail paper’). It is very thin, but strong as it has a high cotton fiber content. It ought to cut well and can be colored after cutting.
  • Some tracing papers are also thin and strong, (some are brittle if bent or creased, but others are good).
  • ‘Japanese foil paper’. Here’s one example:
    It is sometimes used for origami because it is very thin and strong and can hold curved shapes. The shiny metallic side can probably be airbrushed to give it a better, flat color, and the metallic side can be turned to be the underside of the foliage with its paper backing on top. The paper side can also be painted.
  • And one very interesting option is a foil-backed tissue paper. I read about an origami artist who made his own laminating tissue paper to household aluminium foil using a spray adhesive. The artist said it was very thin but tough. The paper can hold curved shapes, creased very finely and can be painted as needed.

From YouTube –58Kym:

  • Yupo or one the other ‘plastic’ papers? They don’t have any surface pattern and they are very resistant to fraying and tearing and have a matt finish. You can get them in various weights just like paper. Yupo takes ink extremely well and doesn’t swell like cellulose paper does. They feel like paper but a little more……’flippy’.

From YouTube –miezpiezMRKapcer13Melton Pieman

They all suggested plasticard or thin styrene:

  • 0.3mm or 10 thou plasticard for cutting
  • Up to 0.5mm or  20 thou plasticard for scoring and then snapping

Glue – for shiny plastic to wire

From YouTube –58Kym:

  • Glossy Accents is a clear almost epoxy-like glue. Its used in Scrapbooking to gloss over parts of pictures and embellishments to give a glassy finish. Its also a very good adhesive for metal to paper and remains flexible.
  • Another alternative would be bookbinders PVA glue – it also stays a little flexible.

Further Inspiration

From YouTube – Melton Pieman

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