Halo Diorama – Celluclay Tree

Halo Diorama – Celluclay Tree

Having built up my 11″ high Master Chief by Sprukits, I needed to find him a home.  I also fancied doing a jungle diorama  as it’s completely different to everything else that I model.  As he’s so high, I felt I needed a scene that would dwarf him. I went back and replayed the level Infinity from Halo 4 and decided to use that as inspiration for my diorama.

I have never used celluclay before so when I was wondering how to build a gigantic tree for my Halo diorama, I turned to  a set of blog posts from one of my favourite sci fi modellers – Fichten Foo.  He did a Dagobah diorama with large trees and more recently an excellent diorama of a stormtrooper on Endor.

All of these influenced my thoughts on how to build such a large tree.

Having used Celluclay I was really impressed.  It was harmless, easy to use and gave me just what I wanted – what’s not to love!

Not so Real World


  • A base – I used a bonsai pot which also has holes for the wires
  • Plastic covered coat hangers or other thick wire
  • Cardboard strips
  • Masking tape – the wider the better
  • Celluclay – it’s a type of paper mache


  • 00:16 Not so Real World
  • 00:45 Method
  • 07:01 Final Result
  • 09:50 Mini Kathys

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4 thoughts on “Halo Diorama – Celluclay Tree”

  1. John Ellington

    Looks brilliant, love the bark effect. Looking forward to seeing this one develop.

  2. deanobeano57@gmail.com

    Really like the bark effect and the garden twine looks the part – so what’s its future – certainly a talking point as a dinner table centre piece!!

    Will have to give it it a try for trees in 1:24ish for Gn15.



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