Halo Diorama – Painting Trees

Halo Diorama – Painting Trees

We’ve got the basics together with the trees and creepers which are the basic structure but now we need to paint them.  I started off with a brown but changed to grey after I’d lived with it for a while.  Tree colours are so hard to nail and I often tend to the brown over the grey.  Do let me know which colourway you prefer in the comments.

I try and use acrylic paints as they’re better for my lungs but I do need to stress the if airbrushing – please where a face mask – your lungs will thank you for it.

You could have painted this without an airbrush but it’s hard to get that gradation and to reach everywhere without one.

The “Not so Real” World


  • Kobra brown spray paint
  • Artist’s acrylics:  Payne’s Grey and Buff Titanium (sometime called Natural)
  • Polysorbate 20 (this improves the flow of acrylics so they become better washes – I got mine on Amazon)
  • AK Interactive Tracks Primer
  • Tamiya XF-52 Deck Tan
  • AK Interactive Weathered Wood sets
  • Vallejo Grey Surface Primer
  • Vallejo USA Olive Drab 70.889

Airbrush Paint Recipe (Vallejo paints):

  • 30 drops paint
  • 20 drops thinner
  • 10 drops flow improver


  • 00:15 Real World
  • 00:56 Method
  • 10:52 Final Result
  • 11:51 Mini Kathys

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