Halo Diorama – Lichen and Moss

Halo Diorama – Lichen and Moss

Lichen and moss is in most forests and jungles.  It’s often overlooked and easy to model and add an extra layer of detail to a scene.  This video covers techniques which should work in any scale.

if you are working in N or HO then paint is normally enough to suggest lichen or moss but when you get to the larger scales then you can bring out the other techniques.

The “Real” World


  • Vallejo paint – something like Golden Olive (70.857) or Olive Green (70.967)
  • Pastels – I used a sludgy green one out of my stock but any chalky pastel will do
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) – I use 99% from Amazon
  • Woodland Scenics Blended Fine Turf – Burnt Grass (T44 or T1344 deepening on size)
  • Dilute PVA or White Glue – I use about 1/3 glue to 2/3 water


  • 00:13 Real World
  • 00:33 Method
  • 09:35 Final Result
  • 10:12 Mini Kathys

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