Photo of the Week – New York Summer

Photo of the Week - New York Summer
Photo of the Week – New York Summer

Photo of the Week – New York Summer

I’ve visited New York twice, once for 3 hours, once for 12 hours.  In that time I’ve managed the Empire State Building, the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, two railway stations and a multitude of subways, a diner, the High Line (a real high point) and even a radio studio.

It’s an amazing city and I must go back and see the rest of it.

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  1. It is an amazing city. I was there for a few days with my family when I was 13. Then again only for a few hours when my daughter was 13. She and I agree that we will return.


    Lived there once, been back many times. One of my best memories was of the beautiful High Line and Chelsea Market. I can just see you building a model railroad on the High Line!


    Grew up with NYC in my backyard…. and worked with my father at a newstand at 42nd st and Madison Ave. One block from Grand Central Station. (Another place you should visit)…(I used to wlak every hallway to try and get lost)… Did you know about the unused hidden levels in GSS? But next time you go…. Go to Rockefeller Center and go up the observation tower on that building. Its totally open (no fencing) and you feel you can reach out and touch the buildings on Times Square. Its not as tall as the ESB but being closer to the buildings its a whole different experience.

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