Halo Diorama – How to Photograph a Diorama

Halo Diorama – How to Photograph a Diorama

This video looks at a basic set up to photograph a diorama indoors.  The easiest thing to do is to take a diorama outside to a location with a great suitable backdrop but that’s not always possible.  If you need to take a photo inside then this is the set up I use to do that.  Sometimes I use my video lights which are constantly on but flash can be cooler in temperature which is no bad thing in the middle of summer.

It’s simple enough – two flashes to either front side of the diorama and then one above just to add the directional light you would actually get in a jungle.

 Flash Set Up

Flash Set Up
Flash Set Up


  • Camera – Any camera with basic manual settings and flash will do
  • Flashes – I have three cheap speedlites – OR any standard light such as desk lamps
  • Diffusion so that they are not too harsh
  • Wireless or wired triggers so that they flash together


  • 00:13 Real World
  • 00:47 Method
  • 11:51 Final Result
  • 12:13 Mini Kathys

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