Layout Update – finally running something!

Layout Update – finally running something!

Now I love modelling as much as the next modeller but sometimes tasks just become too daunting and I just keep putting them off.  Getting my rolling stock out again and running is one such task.

I took my stock off quite a few years ago as I was doing some messy scenery and it’s just languished in boxes ever since.  I’ve been reluctant to get it all out as I’m still doing scenery and I want to check it all before putting back on.

Anyway, my Dad was up and I got back off holiday yesterday so thought this was a great time to get something running whilst I had company to help.  I tidied up a bit and he ran trains around through all my storage tracks.  Eventually everything was running well again.  Exciting after so long!

It’s not much but here is a cleaning train running around.

My cleaning train consists of double headed locomotives for more pick ups plus a rolling weight car (centreline?) with Deluxe Materials Track Magic on it followed by 3 cars with Noch/Woodland Scenics axle tidies that drag over the track. Just be warned, the wheels they’re clipped on won’t roll so I have some flat spots now! These are the wrong era for my layout so they only run on this train.

I even got it to the upper level!  Still need to do that tunnel liner though.  The first train through came out covered in cobwebs and sounded a little gritty on the way down.

Quite a few of the turnouts were sticky because they haven’t been used for a while but they all worked after a while.  My turntable and transfer table were both not happy though and not moving. Not sure why yet…

I still have crates of stock to get out but I want to check wheels, couplers etc before putting anything back on the layout. There’s a lot of stock to do!  It will free up space as all those boxes are stuck in my loft.

Next week I’m back on videos but at least I know something is running.

4 thoughts on “Layout Update – finally running something!”


    Looking great… more than what I have lol…. nothing… All my inventory is still in boxes (:-(

    1. I was lucky enough to start modelling when the dollar was at 2:1. I don’t buy anything much now from the US!
      The stock’s still in boxes so a lot of work to do before the layout is properly up and running…


    Nice! Atm I´ve put all my stock into boxes for some messy landscaping… My goal is they won’t stay there for so long time 😉 But who knows what life has planed?

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