Early inspiration – Slate Quarry layout

We all have our early memories of what got us into modelling and mine revolve around modelling with my Dad’s Hornby Dublo. I also clearly remember a magazine article about a slate quarry in Railway Modeller, some time in March 1980 something. It turned out to be 1985.

Looking at it now, the rust stands out more than I remember but I do like the track plan.  It’s a gem of a OO9 layout  in about 3’ x 5’. There’s the resin pool with a sunken wheel in it and some delightful little buildings.

Time to buy some Tim Horn baseboards and visit a few Welsh quarries?

All photos courtesy of Railway Modeller. 

2 thoughts on “Early inspiration – Slate Quarry layout”

  1. A nice layout! Wagon turntables are something I’m missing on mine (although they may get added at some point…).

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