Slate Quarry Layout

Following on from my post on early inspiration in my modelling life, I keep returning back to the slate quarry layout concept.

Now I don’t want to build a separate layout but it could be an interesting distraction at some future point.

So I’ve been googling images, looking at OO9 track and thinking about sizes. The layout that inspired me is Bryn Mawr by Martin Williamson from the 1985 Railway Modeller. The world has moved on a lot since then but the track plan still looks interesting and managed to pack a lot into a small space.

It has a slate cavern to one side which makes me think of doing a peep hole view into a mine working. It also has a lot of interesting grades and the ability to do a working incline, wagon turntables and scratchbuilt buildings.

What’s not to love!

One great website out there is I do love looking at the pictures!

I’m even wondering about doing 8″ square for the Cakebox Challenge I mentioned back here.

2 thoughts on “Slate Quarry Layout”

  1. Penmorfa is an excellent site, I’ve been there many times to find inspiration for my own slate quarry modelling project in 009. Highly recommended!

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