Anatomy of an Exhibition Layout

Anatomy of an Exhibition Layout

UK exhibition layouts are all unique but share a number of family traits. They drive your eye towards the sceniced area whilst hiding away the inner workings of the layout.  Space is short and so there are innovative ways to swap trains around such as sector plates, traversers or cassettes.

Most follow a theatre set style with pelmets and fascias framing the layout and they all have a high level of scenery.  Many have quirky prototype inspiration through to downright fantasy.  They are ensure that they have something running to keep viewers amused and keep them from walking on.

Owners are always happy to chat through how they built something or where they bought a certain item.

For most people in the UK, exhibitions are where you see layouts.  It is rare to visit home layouts so a model railway exhibition is an opportunity to be inspired and see what everyone else is up to.


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