How to Paint Stone or Stucco Buildings

How to Paint Stone or Stucco Buildings

Stone or stucco buildings are really common around the world and they have some wonderful colours and effects that we can capture in model form.  This video shows how to easily paint stone or stucco.

We’re continuing to use the Diorama Blitz Kino model sent to me by Doug Foscale and I’ve decided to create a stucco stone effect with some peeling paint and stucco in some areas only.

The “Real” World

From a recent trip to Lisbon:


The Final Result


  • Car Primer – I use Halfords red on brick and grey on stone
  • Sponges – natural and make up – you need a variety of textures
  • Tamiya paint
  • – XF55 – Deck Tan
  • – XF78 – Wooden Deck Tan
  • – XF20 – Medium Grey
  • – XF2 – Flat White
  • – XF64 – Red Brown
  • – XF7 – Flat Red
  • – XF8 – Flat Blue
  • – XF1 – Flat Black
  • Vallejo
  • – USA Olive Drab – 70889
  • – Old Rose – 70944
  • – Black Red – 70859
  • AK Interactive Heavy Chipping Fluid
  • AK Interactive Worn Effects Fluid
  • Testors Dulcote or another solvent based matt varnish
  • Masking tape – I used a combination of Frog Tape and Tamiya (for the curves)
  • Matt acrylic varnish – I used Vallejo but there are many suitable brands


  • 00:16 Real World
  • 01:04 Method
  • 12:10 Final Result

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