Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam

Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam

I’ve just got back from an amazing three weeks in Hong Kong and Vietnam.  Of course, I managed to find some trains and I wanted to share one of my favourite spots of the trip – Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam.


There are actually loads of train streets in Hanoi but this one was right next to our hotel so we went there three times.

There was a 9am train leaving the station and a 3:30pm train coming into the station.  The 9am has no tourists around and is more likely to be on time as it is the reunification express leaving Hanoi for Saigon.  We actually caught it the following day and went through this very street.

Train Street


The locals just ignore the train and use the railway tracks as extra space until a minute before the train rolls through.  It doesn’t take a few seconds afterwards until they are out again.  You can see that they use the outside as an extra room even leaving their shoes outside.


The trains barely fits through and there’s not a lot of space to spare!

Reunification Express

We caught the overnight train from Hanoi to Hue – great fun!

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