Kino – Interior Floors and Debris

Kino – Interior Floors and Debris

We’re continuing to use the Diorama Blitz Kino model kit sent to me by Doug Foscale. It’s a lovely kit but doesn’t contain a back or interior floors so I couldn’t resist adding them.

For this kind of modelling, where it’s scratchbuilt and roughed in, I try and use coffee stirrers for the wood as they are cheap and easy to get hold of.  My Mum bought me 1000 for Christmas one year and then another couple of 1000 so I am not short on them!

It pays to look at how buildings are constructed to ensure that your interior looks real but this is relatively easy to build from a pile of wood!

The “Real” World

The Final Result


  • Scale Lumber – I used 8″ x 16″ HO scale which is about 2mm x 5mm
  • Coffee Stirrers or equivalent wood
  • Halfords Grey Primer
  • Tacky Glue or any white glue
  • AK Interactive Old and Weathered Wood Volume 1 acrylic paints
  • From that set I used: AK 782 Varnished Wood, AK783 Weathered Wood, AK778 Freshly Cut Wood
  • Tamiya paint – Flat White – XF-2 and Flat Yellow XF-3
  • Enamel wash – darkish – MIG, Ammo by Mig or AK Interactive do a range of enamel washes
  • Polyfilla (interior wall filler)
  • Isopropyl alcohol and water mix (1:2) – to get the glue to run through.
  • White glue to water mix (:2)
  • White Pigment – I used Mig but Ammo by Mig or AK Interactive have this too
  • Terracotta tile grout – this was unsanded and is basically a brick colour


  • 00:17 Real World
  • 00:42 Method
  • 21:05 Final Result

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