Model Railroader Video Plus

In the Summer of 2017, David Popp asked me to consider producing some videos for Model Railroader Video Plus (MRVP). I was really excited to be involved with Kalmbach so said yes straight away.

With a lot of help from Gerry Leone, we came up with the name Let’s Make a Scene.

Now I have to warn all of you that are used to my free YouTube channel that MRVP is a subscription service so you do need to pay to subscribe to see the videos but it’s been great fun working with such a professional bunch.

They do some free videos that you can find here.

The Videos

My first videos are based on my layout, which is certainly a challenge for filming, and will all be on scenery.

So here’s my first 5 videos as I’m a bit slow at getting this post on to my website – it’s novel having someone else post everything up for you!  Just click on the picture to take you to the video.

My first episode on wooded backdrops
This one’s on how to model those middle ground trees convincingly
This is on making those special one off hero trees
This video looked at making conifers
This episode is on to making quick and easy bushes

6 thoughts on “Model Railroader Video Plus”

  1. Kathy,
    I have no issues with you doing MR videos. Let’s face it, anything you make out of it you deserve.
    I do hope that this won’t stop the occasional free ones as I not only enjoy them but found the content very easy to understand and gave me some more motivation to try out these techniques. The content was of things I can understand and grasp quickly.
    As a newly returned modeller, I find any skill I had to be obsolete so I need up-to-date modelling methods shown to me. It’s a problem for us older persons, learning new skills.
    I eagerly await each new video, wondering what the content will be this time.

  2. Hi Roger

    Glad you’re enjoying the videos. I will still be doing my YouTube videos. I’ve dropped to one a month but that’s giving me time to try some new stuff.




    Hi Kathy
    The tree covered hills as a background for limited space has inspired me to have a go. One question though … when ordering a lot of trees from China do you end up paying import VAT etc (I believe that the treshold is meant to be £15)?

    1. Glad I’ve inspired you.

      On the customs charge. Sometimes you get charged, sometimes you don’t. It depends what goes on the customs label.

      On larger items, I budget to pay it and am delighted when I don’t. Buying only a few packets at a time can keep you under the limit. Postage is normally free so you don’t have to put them all together in one postage lot.

      Hope that helps



    Thanks Kathy that is much what I thought, I will stick to small packs to begin with and if the results come up as well as yours I will up my game.

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