Add the Finishing Touches to the Kino Diorama

Add the Finishing Touches to the Kino Diorama

I can’t believe we’re finally there!  The Diorama Blitz Kino model kit sent to me by Doug Foscale is finally done and all I need to do is add those all important finishing touches.

This has been a great little diorama to do and what it needs now are a few figures and a bit of life in it.  That’s a bit of a way off as I have plans for some other dioramas first.

The Final Result


  • Calibre 1/35 Scale bottles
  • Microscope cover slips (I got mine on Amazon)
  • Laser Cut leaves – mine are by Model Scene
  • Matt varnish – acrylic is best – I used Vallejo
  • White glue – I use a thicker one called Tacky Glue
  • Pigments by Mig, Ammo by Mig or AK Interactive – I used one called Industrial City Dirt
  • Brick debris pigment mix from the previous video
  • Emery board or fine file


  • 00:15 Real World
  • 00:43 Method
  • 13:06 Final Result

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